Useful Polish property websites

At Mamdom we've been Polish property specialists since 2004 and seen a fledgling market evolve into something just as dynamic as any Western country and with a wealth of online resouces. Here are a few of them.

Most of these websites are in Polish but you can navigate them with some ease if you have read our page How to be an English speaker and use Polish property websites.

Polish property portals

Not all of them by a long strech but these listings taken together comprehensively cover the property market. Click on the name below to find out more about them.

Polish property estate agents and realitors

These are some of the better agents, in no particular order, that we've dealt with over time. Click on the name for further background information.

Google maps and street view

Google maps is pretty obvious but dragging that little yellow guy out of the corner and onto a street means you can walk around a neighbourhood from the comfort of your own sofa. Street view covers almost all of the country now so take advantage. Be sure to check the dates shown on the screen which will show when the Google van last rolled down the road.

Property borders

The government run Geoportal service is an excellent way to check land borders. Zoom in enough and the screen changes to satelite imagery with borders overlayed and even the plot numbers. Be aware that this is estimated. If you want to be absolutely sure about a property's borders you will need to hire a geolocating service who will come and place permanant markers on the plot.

Local government websites

Government in Poland is broken down into states/counties (województwo), then districts (powiat) and then parishes (gmina). At each point the authorities have various responsibilities regarding the acquistion and disposal of real estate and if you are after that highly unusual palace or industrial unit you may well find them lurking on their websites along with various plots of land.

Use Google.pl to search their home pages and Chrome's built in translator to navigate to their real estate listings.

In major towns and cities some work, especially related to commercial space selling and letting is carried out by specific departments known as Zakład Gospodarowania Nieruchomościami (Department of Real Estate Management). Larger cities have multiple offices so try searching "ZGN [town name]" (e.g. ZGN Radom) or "ZGN [borough name]" (e.g. "ZGN Praga Polnoc").

Forums and people

The main English language forum for Poland is undoubtedly polishforums.com and an ideal place to take some soundings but check the backgrounds of those that offer you advice to be sure they really do have the experience they claim.

Internations have active groups in Warsaw and Wrocław that organise social events. Join up and if you can organise a property viewing trip when they have an event you will meet a whole bunch of people who are already here and are never short of advice and opinions!