All about the Gratka Polish property website

All about the Gratka Polish property website

Allegro is a Polish only website. Details on how to use it are on our page How to be an English speaker and use Polish property websites.

Gratka is one of the big two property portals in Poland (the other being Mainstream properties such as houses, flats, land and commercial property are 90% likely to be on one of these two portals.

That 90% is not a strict calculation but ask any agent where they advertise online and almost all will mention Gratka while most will cite

Gratka has a very specific property section and is really the best user interface out there although there are some areas which need pointing out.

Firstly Gratka's search filters are comprehensive and excellent but agency data isn't. That means if you tick a filter saying you want a property with a balcony you will only get listings of properties where the agent has specified the property has a balcony.

The issue is that many agents are poor (lazy?) at providing even the most basic of information while others use computer systems that don't allow for the detail.

Secondly Gratka's map search system may have you drooling with delight but it can be highly misleading ... and that's not Gratkas fault.

Most agents charge the buyer and seller a fee which makes them reluctant to give out exact location information because they suspect the prospective buyer will go knocking on doors to find the hopeful seller and do a deal.

The location provided by the agent can therefore vary from stating the exact street to just a reference of the estate or parish the property is in. This is why, on the map search, you may often find a number of properties piled together all on top of each other in the center of an area.