All about the OLX Polish property website

All about the OLX Polish property website

OLX offers a Polish only website. Details on how to use it are on our page How to be an English speaker and use Polish property websites.

Relatively new to the market OLX is a free to use classified listing a step above Gumtree because of its much more comprehensive search system and better layout, especially for mobile devices.

Well presented and easy to search it has become one of the most popular free to use property sites in the country and with listings ordered 'newest first' by default it is ideal for prospective tenants or buyers who want to see the latest offers.

Although you will find slightly more private sellers and landlords here than on Gratka or it is still popular with agents.

The search filters are fair but not wholly comprehensive in the way that Gratka's are as OLX treads a line between detail and a service which is quick and easy for sellers or landlords to add offers. As such their location maps are shakey at best and often simply point to the town rather than any specific position of a property.