All about the Gumtree Polish property website

All about the Gumtree Polish property website

Gumtree (in Poland) is a Polish only website. Details on how to use it are on our page How to be an English speaker and use Polish property websites.

A popular free classifieds site there is plenty of property here although it can be difficult to trawl through as some vendors don't bother with photos or give one line descriptions.

This, ironically, doesn't always reflect laziness but rather a line of thinking that goes "You know, one of those flats on that estate, they're all the same"! In other words an assumption that you know their area as well as they do.

However as a freebie site that doesn't require much effort to get a listing up and running there are also a fair amount of property owners on there who are just testing the market to see what kind of offers they could be getting.

It is used by agents but much more popular with private sellers and landlords and more as a place for rentals than sales.

Generally speaking as a classified ads portal for 'all things' it is fairly clumsy when if comes to searching and filtering property but worth a search as part of your internet trawl because when it comes to buying there are diamonds among the coal.