All about the Metrohouse Polish property website

All about the Metrohouse Polish property website

Primarily Warsaw specialists but they do cover some other regions Metrohouse are known as one of the slightly better agents in trying to match your needs to available offers but sometimes excessively pushy.

If you're from London think Foxtons but not quite and with a more positive reputation!

Their English version websites is one of the best out there due to the way they rarely offer a description but instead use a tickbox method to define a property's attributes. English speaking staff are available.

They are also better than most at providing floor plans and clear images of their offers.

As a buyer or tenant the negotiator will set up a specific website page for you where the negotiator places all the offers you might be interested in. You can then sort these and mark ones which are unsuitable with tick box and text reasoning.

This page keeps the list of rejected properties so you can see which ones sold or rented out, which ones are lingering, and give you the option to go back and look again if your requirements change.

Metrohouse staff are more professional than most and heavily motivated by the internal commission structure. When you view a property and shake your head that it isn't right expect to be asked to make an offer anyway!