Welcome to Mamdom, the specialist website for Polish property hunting

Mamdom has been the leading authority on Polish property since 2004. We provide links to the best sources of flats, houses, land and commercial property to buy or rent alongside comprehensive information on how to make your purchase or rental go smoothly.

Originally a portal we translated thousands of property offers every week for paying members. Today advances in online translation services such as Google Chrome have opened Polish websites up to everyone. See our article How to be an English speaker and use Polish property websites for more if you haven't yet discovered this very useful tool.

Offering solid services and objective advice (rather than fly-by-night promises of huge returns) we have stood the test of time and weathered the financial crisis where many other firms have folded.

Our clients range from rental investors to ex-pats in search of a place to retire to professionals relocating for work to corporations expanding into the only economy that never stopped growing during the Credit Crunch.

The Polish property market of 2024 remains as dynamic as ever in a country that is still working on one of the biggest residential housing shortages in Europe, where urbanization continues rapidly and where cityscapes have been, and are being, changed beyond recognition.

If you're just getting started we recommend having a read through our guide page.

Mam dom is Polish for "I have a home". So now you know how to say it, all you need to do is get it!