How to be an English speaker and use Polish property websites

When Mamdom first started out in 2004 we used to translate thousands of offers every week. The internet has changed a great deal since then.

Google Chrome's inbuilt translator was pretty shakey at first but it has improved greatly. This page will show you how to use it so you can access any Polish property website and understand the content.

Note Google's translator is not perfect and should not be relied upon when making final decisions on renting or buying but then again you should not trust the given description offered by the seller, agent or landlord anyway until you have verified any facts for yourself.

If you don't have the Google Chrome web browser you can install it from here: https://www.google.com/chrome/.

Now open any Polish website and right hand click in a white space on the page. From the menu choose 'Translate to English'.

For a more permenant solution left click on the translate icon in the url window (pictured below).

Google Chrome translate icon

Now click the link 'Options' and tick the box 'Always translate'. From now on every time Chrome recognises the page as Polish it will do its best to translate the content into English.