All about the Polish property website

All about the Polish property website

Tabelaofert offers a Polish only website. Details on how to use it are on our page How to be an English speaker and use Polish property websites.

This portal focuses on new developments of houses and flats and it was once the fountain of all knowledge of you were looking to buy off plan. However it has not managed to hold on to its popularity with developers and its listings are a drop in the ocean compared to all the actual offers out there.

This said it is a pretty big drop, especially in the major cities and so not a resource to be ignored if you're looking to buy new.

It is a fairly tricky site to search but this is not of its own making. Most developers are reluctant to issue price lists because they want to get prospective buyers on the phone or into their show room so they can make their pitch. That means prices are missing from most offers or the price given is just a reference point.

If off plan is your objective then you'll need to check Tabelaofert but you'll also find very comprehensive listings on Gratka and if you filter your search by choosing 'Primary' (the other option 'Secondary' refers to properties previously lived in.