All about the Allegro Polish property website

All about the Allegro Polish property website

Allegro is a Polish only website. Details on how to use it are on our page How to be an English speaker and use Polish property websites.

Allegro is the ebay of Poland. Ebay hesitated to enter the market and, by the time it did, Allegro was so well established it has never really managed to gain a foothold. Although you will find a splattering of offers on Ebay it is a pale shadow compared to Allegro.

Allegro looks, feels and works pretty much like ebay so you'll find it familiar territory once you've used Google Chrome's translate.

However like ebay you have to question why a seller would put their property on a freebie site when there are plenty of property specific portals out there.

If the offer you are looking at contains only basic information and a lack of images it is probably because the owner is just doing a quick 'test the market' action to see what interest they would get at a certain price point.