All about the Homebroker Polish property website

All about the Homebroker Polish property website

Homebroker offers a Polish only website. Details on how to use it are on our page How to be an English speaker and use Polish property websites. In telephone and face to face dealings there are plenty of English speakers available.

Relatively new but polished and modern you'll find a Homebroker branch in all the major cities and towns with flat screen TVs gleaming from the walls and all the trimmings that make them look every bit as up to date as any better agent in the West.

They are one of the few agents who make an effort to provide floorplans with most of their offers and (generally speaking but not always) a good set of photographs taken by someone with a steady hand(!)

As a national chain there is rarely room to negotiate on their fees so expect to pay the full 2.9% as a buyer.

They also have strong processes in place and often insist on a face to face or telephone interview to extract your exact requirements before they'll let you see any properties.

While this seems like a good idea their follow up stages are weak so just because you've spent an hour defining exactly what it is that you want don't expect to hear anything even if you see the ideal offer come on to their site in proceeding weeks. Follow up calls to confirm your requirements have not changed do occur though

Homebroker staff are generally quite professional in both look and approach (they tend to remember appointments which is never a given in Poland) and, after you have been searching for a while, you might find yourself much happier with their fees!