Mortgages (Poland)

Mortgages have always been hard to get in Poland. The natural resistance of banks to lend and reluctance of people to borrow is one of the reasons that the financial crisis of 2008 went relatively unnoticed in the country.

For foreign buyers mortgages were even more difficult to obtain and the loops that have to be jumped through have only got trickier in recent years. That is not to say it is impossible but expect much more due diligence from lenders than you might face in your own country.

The following are organisations that provide English speakers and that we have found work best with foreign buyers. We receive no kick back from any of these services.

Most of the sites are Polish only but you can use them with some ease if you read our page on How to be an English speaker and use Polish property websites.

  • Open Finance - a mortgage broker with office in most major towns and cities.
  • Expander - another mortgage broker with a national network of offices.
  • Money.pl - more of a portal than a broker but you'll find here the best deals of the day from various banks and lenders, most of whom have English speaking staff available.