Property Solicitors (Poland)

In a Polish property transaction there is only one solicitor. They do not act for either party but simply draw up the contract of sale and witness its signing by buyer and seller.

Poles generally do their own due dilligence and, if you are borrowing, the banks have their own processes in place.

As a foreign buyer we strongly recommend you hire a solicitor to act on your behalf to ensure you are buying what you think you are buying, to check and translate any documentation and to generally ensure you avoid common pitfalls.

The following list has been gained from experience as the better options and you'll note that it is short! We receive no kickbacks from these organisations.

  • TGC - Warsaw based they handle all work from individuals to large corporations.
  • Leach & Lang - really an estate agent but with a good network of solicitor contacts, especially in Warsaw and Krakow.