Currency Exchange Service

High street banks tend to offer poor rates and high fees when it comes to currency transfers while there are plenty of specialist companies out there that will offer you significant savings. We have had good experiences with those listed below.

  • Worldwide Currencies - We, and our clients, often use John Redford at this London based firm as he provides an excellent personal service. His direct number is +44 (0)20 3326 4502.
  • OFX - orginally Australian specialists they now handle clients world wide.

Mamdom receives no kickbacks for recommending these services.

Don't leave contacting these firms until the last minute. They will require copies of certain documents for you to prove your identity in line with current financial regulations before they can execute a transfer on your behalf.

If you plan ahead you can also take advantage of their 'spot' service. This is where you instruct them to carry out a transfer when the rate reaches a certain point so if currency markets move your way at 3am in the morning you won't miss the chance to take advantage and get a far better deal.