About Polish Land

There is currently a massive categorisation programme of land going on across Poland known as the Three Dimensional Spatial Plan. Each plot of land is being assigned a use, agricultural, housing, industrial, recreational, etc.

As expected this process is full of disputes, arguments and disagreements and so in many areas, especially the major cities, it is slow going. If you are buying land it is essential to know if it has permission for whatever you want and more importantly if the land in the surrounding areas has also been defined.

So Polish land can be divided into four catagories:

Polish Agricultural Land

Polish Agricultural Land
Polish farmland is some of the most fertile in Europe

Polish agricultural land is famous for being highly fertile and producing an excellent yield.

For this reason large amounts have already been purchased by British farmers keen to work soil that leads less chemicals and offers them a chance to compete in the lucrative organic produce market.

There are a number of restrictions on how much land you can buy and for more information on this see the section on How to Buy a Polish Property.

Polish Land for Building

Polish Building Plot
A typical plot with planning permission to build

Plots for building are further subdivided into categories. There may be permission to build flats, family houses, two family houses, and so on.

The permission granted will usually include height as well. For example you may be able to build a one storey house with a useable attic floor or a four storey block of flats. Finally there are often restrictions on what percentage of the land can actually be covered by the footprint of the building.

In certain areas of natural beauty or of historic interest there may also be requirements on the materials that need to be used. This may all sound a bit daunting but it is no different to the rest of Europe and a sensible step to avoid prime areas of the country being spoilt by greedy developers.

Polish Recreational Land

Polish Recreational Land
Some land is reserved for recreation only

Recreational land is a very European concept. This is land not for agricultural use but for people to use during the summer and weekends as a place to relax. Plots are often located by a lake, forest or other attractions that offer their owners plenty to do such as swimming, cycling, hill-walking and horse riding.

This type of land may have some utilities connected such as water and electricity (which would not be allowed on agricultural land). Most have permission to build a recreational house - a house meant for holiday use rather than built to be lived in all year.

This land is ideal for investment and a great way to get a foothold in Polish property if you don't have a large budget. It will allow you to own a plot and when you can, build a small property as a holiday home. Caution should be drawn to the fact that not all recreational land has permission to build so your solicitor should check the restrictions carefully.

Polish Industrial land

Polish Industrial Land
Industrial land can include service uses

Industrial land means land for commercial production, storage, warehousing, logistics, etc. as well as for services. Each plot will have its own listing of what activities you are allowed to carry out there.

For example many state that land can be used for warehousing or services (such as a petrol station, car repair, etc.). When viewing the properties on Mamdom you will find the restrictions are stated but you should get a qualified solicitor to verify they are in place.